The CBI Hiring Process

Apply Online
Search and apply online to the career position which best matches your skillset and interests. It’s quick and easy. We will review your qualifications and experience. If you’re a possible match for the position, a member of our recruiting team will contact you to learn more about your potential qualifications and to answer questions about why we think CBI is a great place to work.

First Interview – Phone
The purpose of the phone interview is to assess your previous results, technical skills, proficiency, and potential. Typically our phone interviews last about thirty minutes and are conducted by the hiring manager or by someone in a similar role.

Second Interview – Onsite or in-person
During an onsite or in-person interview, you’ll meet with CBI team members who will give you a cross-section view of our company and the team. We will describe what needs to be accomplished in the position. Or, in other words—what success looks like. We will then ask you to describe your approach, using specific examples of how you’ve achieved similar results.  We will be assessing your thought processes, how you’ve previously applied your business acumen and technical skills, and how well you match to our core values.

Hire by committee
Expect to interview with at least three CBI employees as you move to onsite or in-person interviews. Everyone’s opinion counts and we’re committed to ensuring our hiring experience is pleasant and fair.

What happens next?
Following your interviews, we will decide if you are the best candidate for the position.  We take hiring very seriously and like to make consensus-based decisions. Please be patient with us as we work through these steps. The recruiter will keep in touch until a decision is made, but feel free to follow-up with us as well as you move through final interview steps.

To learn more about available CBI careers or to submit an application, visit our Careers page.