Cool Place to Work 2014

Cool Place to Work 2014

CBI is proud to be named on Crain's Cool Place to Work in MI list again!

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We Escaped The Ringmaster's Den!

We Escaped The Ringmaster's Den!

Our team is always up for a good challenge and enjoy working together to achieve a common goal

CBI Interships

CBI Interships

Join us next summer! We offer a great internship opportunities. Select the Internship job posting below to apply.

Be a Part of Something Special

When have you had the most fun in your career? We’re betting it’s when you and the organization are growing together; when you have a clear career path and opportunities to stretch beyond your position description; and when you can see the company’s vision, understand it, and feel like you’re growing together as a team to achieve your goals. What are CBI’s Core Values? Core values at many companies are written once and put in a drawer to collect dust. At CBI, we discuss and live by our core values every day:

  • Customer First... know your customer and deliver value, every time
  • Performance-Based Culture...critical thinking that helps exceed company goals
  • Authentic...honest, direct, confident, promises kept
  • Blue Collar Work Ethic...come to work ready to work hard, no task is below you

CBI is proud to be an Equal Opportunity Employer

Learn what it means to be part of a diverse team with a mission, a focus on winning, and core values that ring true.


CBI’s philosophy is to put employees first so we are proud we can offer benefits starting your very first day of employment! We offer a competitive package to include medical, dental, vision, disability, life insurance, paid time off, 401(k) and more.

Cool Places to Work in MI 2014

What CBI employees say about our culture

We think big! Bring your A-game and your big ideas and be ready to run with them

Entrepreneurial spirit and fast paced

A place where I can grow and try new things

Leadership cares about employees

We help one another succeed

Focused on making the communities in which we live better

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