Webinar | Real-Time Risk Management

Better IT Security Thru Prioritization and Automation Finding and closing security vulnerabilities can be a daunting task for most IT security teams. Building a great security posture begins with the fundamentals: people, process, and technology (PPT). These three pieces must be strong and work seamlessly in order to maximize their effectiveness. One weak link can […]
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Webinar | Keys to Building a Data-Centric Security Posture

Defending Compromised Data The enemy is knocking at the gate, the hardest questions for security teams today is which gate out of 1000’s and which side is it coming from. Whether it’s hackers using new methods to gain access or insider threats like a simple mistake of leaving a laptop behind, data defense is becoming […]
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Webinar | The InfoSec Game Has Changed – Have Your Defenses

Beat APTs with a Winning Tag Team Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) use technologies, people, and processes over an extended time to defeat your defenses. If your defenses don’t incorporate those three pieces chances are your data and Intellectual property (IP) are at risk. Don’t Be a Victim, Be a Hero Join CBI and Symantec experts […]
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Webinar | Social Engineering Strategist Showdown

Building Human Intrusion Detection Real Stories from the Field The leading cause of data breaches is people. Employees are a company’s most valuable asset and unfortunately they are usually the weakest point in a security strategy.Worse, in most cases the effectiveness of social engineering attacks now exceeds 90%. Defense against social engineering attacks is challenging because […]
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Webinar | Top Challenges in Firewall Management

Simplifying Firewalls- People, Processes, & Technologies Aligned Central to risk management are people, processes, and technology. Security teams make continuous changes within those areas to protect their data but it’s those same changes that expose their organization to data breaches and service outages. In fact 80% of services outages are caused by changes to the […]
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