Webinar | Building a Legal Defense for your Data

Jeff Goreski, CAMS, CFCS, CEDS, PMP, ITIL, VP of Forensic & Dispute | CBI, will be discussing how to start building data foundation to meet legal compliance regulations. As a certified eDiscovery specialist, Jeff has consulted, advised and stood as an expert in the collection of technological data for clients globally. Forensic gathering as well […]
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Webinar | Secure Development Lifecycle

CBI Security Strategist, J. Wolfgang Goerlich discusses how to start using a Secure Development Lifecycle and the application security landscape.  
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Webinar | Closing the Endpoint Security Gaps

Our thirty minute on-demand webcast is an excellent resource to get an update on current endpoint trends. We cover the business impact of complex endpoint environments and their inherent security risks. Learn how organizations are using unified platforms to find, fix, and secure endpoints. Topics Covered: Current state of endpoint environments New types of endpoints […]
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Webinar | IT Maturity

Webinar | IT Maturity

Learn about IT Maturity, why it matters to organizations, who is responsible, and how does it make a business operate better, with CBI’s Security Strategist, J.Wolfgang Goerlich.  
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Webinar | A Better Approach to DLP

Learn how you can utilize DLP 2.0 to empower business units to manage their data risk, define your data handling before trying to block activity, and reduce risk before you classify the data with CBI’s EVP | IT & Security Strategy, John Beeskow.  
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